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Ascendance was formed in 2007 by a team of marketers who wanted to start doing things better.   Use data to make decisions, remove the red tape to action, and help our clients achieve real results, fast.  That’s satisfying work.  Today, we challenge ourselves to stay ahead of the marketing trends that actually matter, and lean towards action.  Let’s brainstorm, because we’re always up for doing something fun and creative.

Marketing Strategy
This sounds like a no-brainer, but make sure you have a strategy and a set of objectives to measure.  Ascendance can help with a thin approach to summarizing, or a more comprehensive approach being successful in your market.

Account Based Marketing (ABM)
ABM is a bit of a current buzzword that includes a lot of possibilities.  But it probably makes sense in some form, depending on your marketing capabilities.  At its core, segment your market, understand your customers, and talk with them like you understand their needs and what will make them successful.  Your customers are unique, and the closer you get to communicating specifically to them the better you’ll be.  Tier your programs based on your customers.  Save the most valuable tactics for your highest value customer.  Expand the discussion in your customers with new influencers.  ABM requires full consideration of your customers, your data, and your objectives by customer segment.

Program Creation
Ascendance creates and executes complete campaigns or can simply assist you with components.  We start with an understanding of the target audience and program objectives and craft a program or individual components that are designed for performance.

Content Marketing
Regardless of your marketing approach, you’ll need compelling content.  We’ll start by defining the audience, their care-abouts, and how the content will be used.  These days most content is consumed in a short form, more “snackable” manner, but long-form content can form the basis of an inbound content marketing strategy.  Ascendance can help frame your content marketing strategy and produce compelling content pieces that are designed for performance.

Inbound/Digital Marketing
Maybe the most recognizable part of modern marketing.  Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, retargeting, display ads, and even social.  Emails, landing pages, invitations, and more.  Ascendance can help get you started pretty easily, and then optimization and maximizing return on marketing investment will come through a creative approach mapped with rigorous testing.